Tuesday, 14 April 2015

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Grave Mercy
by Robin LaFevers

I think all of us can be guilty of just looking at a book and thinking 'I don't think I'd enjoy that'. I'm certainly guilty of doing that, in fact that's what happened with Grave Mercy. Now I'll admit that by this point I think I know my taste fairly well, so while I'm always willing to try something new and I'm always open to reading out of my comfort zone with the chance I'll discover a new favourite, I'm also usually right when I think I won't like a book.

Grave Mercy is one of the few books that proved me wrong. I don't know what it was that convinced me to pick this book, and this series up, in the end. Perhaps it really was just that the promise of assassin nuns wasn't something I could turn away from, whatever the reason I'm so pleased I decided to give it a chance because now I love the His Fair Assassin trilogy. These books are so much fun, while also being packed with political intrigue and girl power. Are parts of them still a little cheesy? Yes, especially in this first book - the second, Dark Triumph, is much more sinister - but sometimes we all need a little cheesy, and the fluffier scenes are certainly balanced out with some much darker ones.


  1. I had the same hesitations about this one, really! But it turned out to be lovely.

  2. I loved that series! Love that it is your L post. If you have time you should stop by and check out my L Post.