Thursday, 9 April 2015

H is for Huff | Blogging from A to Z

Blood Price
by Tanya Huff

Tanya Huff's one of those authors who, in my opinion, not enough people have read and that's a real shame. Not only is Huff a great writer, but the stuff she writes about is just awesome. Her favoured genres are SFF, and throughout the many books she's written she often plays around with ideas of gender and sexuality, subverting stereotypes or just blatantly beating them over the head with that brilliant thing we call feminism.
Her Blood Books, in particular, are fantastic; combining crime with urban fantasy, Huff creates a world of vampires, demons, werewolves, and even mummies, in the middle of Toronto, all with a wonderful female lead. Vicky is a fab heroine. She's funny and serious and believable and headstrong, meaning she's basically everything I love, and Huff's other characters are a lot of fun, too.

Plus the great thing about this series is the mash up of genres; if you're an urban fantasy fan who'd like to try getting into crime, this is a pretty great place to start, and if you're a fan of crime who'd like to try a bit of SFF then this is the book for you!


  1. Fascinating description of an author I have not read. I see by looking at your blog that I will have a few new ones to check out soon.

    Visiting from a to z blog challenge.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Susan! I definitely recommend checking Tanya Huff's work out. :)