Friday, 19 December 2014

Characters I'd Invite to Christmas Dinner! | Twelve Days of Christmas!

My Twelve Days of Christmas continue, and today I thought it'd be fun to do a Christmassy version of a tag that was wandering around the world of Booktube a while ago: The Literary Dinner Party Tag. The original tag, in which you select various literary characters you'd invite to a dinner party, gave you eleven characters, but I've added an extra one for the sake of keeping up with the twelve theme!

I've kept some of the character types you have to choose from the original tag, but also added/altered a few just for my own enjoyment. And if any other bloggers out there want to give it a try then please do!

So, without further ado, let us begin!

1) One character can can/likes to cook

Perhaps a bit of a weird choice, but I would invite Hannibal Lecter. As long as you're not rude he's a perfect gent even though he's a cannibal. Plus in my head Hannibal looks like Mads Mikkelsen, who portrays him in the show and makes my mouth water (hurr hurr hurr). If you've seen the show then you'll know what I mean when I say the way he cooks people looks delicious.

2) One character who owns a house/estate/apartment/palace where you would like to host your dinner

I'd go with Chandresh from The Night Circus. Just imagine eating your dinner in that circus, and you'd have some great entertainment!

3) One character who would bring the best presents

Maybe a bit of an odd choice, but Sherlock Holmes. He's done so many bizarre things and been to so many different places that I feel as though he'd just have an accumulation of weird stuff to hand out to people at Christmas.

4) One hero

Harry from the Harry Potter series. That guy must have had so many awful Christmases as a child that I'd love to invite him over for a great party.

5) One heroine

Georgia Mason from the Newsflesh trilogy. I love her, and I'd love to have a conversation with her.

6) One villain

Jude from the Noughts & Crosses series. I suppose it's debatable as to whether or not this guy is really a villain, but he certainly ain't pleasant. Having said that he always fascinated me, so I'd be interested in listening to what he had to say for himself.

7) One romantic couple

Cinder and Kai from The Lunar Chronicles. I love these two a lot.

8) One non-romantic couple

Katniss and Prim from The Hunger Games. These girls need some good food to eat.

9) One under-appreciated character

Rubeus Hagrid. Such an awesome guy who gets barely any credit, why Harry and Ginny named their son after Dumbledore and Snape and not this guy I'll never understand.

10) One character of your own choosing

I will always love Sirius Black, so he'd be given that extra seat at my dinner table.

If you'd like to have a go at this then go for it! I'd love to see what your answers would be.

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