Friday, 11 December 2015

Review | A Sister More Like Me by Barbara Jean Hicks and Brittney Lee

by Barbara Jean Hicks and Brittney Lee

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When they were very young, royal sisters Anna and Elsa were as close as could be. But then everything changed, and now they couldn't be more different. They agree on just one thing: they both wish they had a sister more like them....

Featuring the princesses of Disney's Frozen, this spirited look at sibling relationships is told in verse and features beautiful illustrations by an artist from the film.

I'm a humungous Disney fan - I know way too many songs by heart, and Beauty and the Beast will always be my favourite film of all time - but I have to admit to being one of those bitter people who wasn't all that impressed with Frozen. The art's stunning, but personally I don't think the music's all that great, it doesn't feel like Disney music to me, and the story is full of plotholes that I'm not going to bother getting into now.

If that's the case, Jess, then why on earth are you reviewing a Frozen children's picture book?

Well, reader, I have four nieces, two of whom are the ripe old ages of seven and four. This means they're the ideal age to be swept up in the Frozen frenzy, which means I've now had to listen to 'Let It Go' so many times in the car that I twitch whenever I hear it on the radio.

Earlier this year, the younger of those two nieces became a big sister to a little sister, and when I came across this book I couldn't resist picking it up for her for Christmas. She's a wonderful big sister, she loves her little sister to bits and she's always eager to help out, and I wanted to get her a little something that she can read, but that she and her little sister can also read together in a few years' time.

Despite not being a Frozen fanatic, this book is gorgeous. Too many people dismiss children's fiction, and in particular picture books like these, but so much effort goes into producing beautiful children's books, and this one is no exception. It's told entirely in rhyme, making it a lot of fun to read aloud which is perfect for bedtime, and both Elsa and Anna are given the chance to have their say, with alternating fonts so smaller children will always be able to figure out who's saying what.

What I love most about this little book, however, are Brittney Lee's stunning illustrations. Lee actually worked on the film itself, so this book is not only ideal for children, but also for anyone interested in illustration or animation, or anyone who just likes collecting Disney and/or Frozen art. I love the colours she uses - blues, purples and pinks - and how there isn't a single page devoid of some sort of colour or illustration. It's just a very beautiful book.

So whether you know a child who would love this, have a child you'd like to read this with, or you just happen to be or know someone who likes Disney art, this book is very cute and would make for a lovely gift under the Christmas tree!

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