Thursday, 23 July 2015

Jane Austen Book Tag

I saw this tag and thought 'why not?' I love any opportunity to do a book tag! This tag was created by Jenessa @ Thoughts from Nowhere - you can find the original here!

Sense and Sensibility
A book with a dynamic sibling relationship

I had to go with Merricat and Constance Blackwood from We Have Always Lived in the Castle. I read this book earlier this year and really enjoyed it, and Merricat and Constance's relationship is certainly interesting...

Pride and Prejudice
A book that didn't seem interesting at first

I don't tend to read a lot of contemporary. I had no idea if I was going to like If I Stay, but I decided to give it a chance and I ended up really, really enjoying it - in fact it's now one of my favourite contemporaries!

A book in which two close friends fall in love

I had to go with Signal to Noise, because I will always take advantage of any opportunity to mention this book. Seriously, read it. It's such an underrated 2015 debut and it's so fantastic! And it has one of the best romantic relationships I've read in a while.

Mansfield Park
A book with a 'rags to riches' storyline

I had to go with The Goblin Emperor which is another of my absolute favourite reads of 2015, and has quickly gone on to my favourite books of all time list. It's brilliant, and you can't help but root for Maia.

A book involving second chances

This might seem like a bit of an odd choice, but I had to go with My Life as a White Trash Zombie because, oddly enough, it's getting turned into a zombie that gives Angel a second chance at life - and she takes full advantage of it! This is such a fun urban fantasy series, and I recommend it.

Northanger Abbey
A book with an imaginative character

How could I not choose A Little Princess? After Sara Crewe is left destitute and abused by the headmistress of her boarding school, it's her imagination that keeps her going.

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  1. Love this tag! I have never read The Little Princess, but every time I see that beautiful edition in my bookstore I am so tempted to pick it up, along with the others in the same editions.
    Thanks for tagging me Jess!