Wednesday, 21 January 2015

What's Up Wednesday! | 21/01/15

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly blog hop created by Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk as a way for writers and readers to stay in touch!

What I'm Reading

I haven't done any reading since last week, so I'm still in the middle of The Crown by Nancy Bilyeau and Valour's Choice by Tanya Huff!

What I'm Writing

I'm still working away on the story with no story; my protagonist's still very talkative, and if nothing else I might be able to turn what she's telling me into a short story!

I also really need to get my PhD application finished, because the deadline's Friday - eek!

What Works For Me

Always having a notebook with me! I never go anywhere without a notebook and a pen in my bag, and it's saved me from losing ideas many a time.

What Else Is New

On Saturday I travelled up to Doncaster to visit a friend of mine from uni, and I just got back today! I had a great few days there that included skittle cocktails, rocking out to a live band's cover of Livin' On A Prayer, walking around Clumber Park, shopping, going to see Into the Woods (great film!), having a look around Cusworth Hall (and their tearooms!) and, the main reason I went, going to see Matthew Bourne's ballet production of Edward Scissorhands.

It was stunning. Matthew Bourne is a British choreographer who's well known for his dark ballet productions; he's done a production of Sleeping Beauty that involved vampiric faeries! You wouldn't think Edward Scissorhands would be possible in ballet form, but it was absolutely gorgeous and we had amazing seats - we were only on the second row, and right at the end of the show we got snowed on when they released foam from the ceiling!

If any of you have the chance to go and see it, go and see it!


  1. I should probably carry a notebook around myself, but I usually just end up sending myself an email from my cell. That seems to work okay, I guess. I have some cute little notebooks I haven't used yet, so I think maybe I've found a good use for them. Thanks! Have a great week, Jess! :D

  2. Glad you had a great time with your friend :)

    Good luck with the writing and the application ^_^ Have a great week.