Monday, 12 May 2014

Frankenstein's New Heroine!

Pemberley Digital, the company behind web series "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries", "Emma Approved" and "Welcome to Sandition", is teaming up with PBS Digital Studios to step away from the fluffier side of Romantic Literature, and delve into the Gothic by creating web series "Frankenstein M.D.": an adaptation of Mary Shelley's famous novel.

That's already cool, right? Frankenstein is one of my favourite classics - in fact it's one of my favourite novels period - so I'm already pleased, but Pemberley and PBS are making this particular adaptation even better.

How? Well, the main character of this particular adaptation is Victoria Frankenstein. Victoria is described as: "an obsessive, eccentric prodigy determined to prove herself in the male-dominated fields of science and medicine." That's right. This adaptation is blessing us with a female lead!

Am I excited? Hell yeah I am!

Some people might think there's no need to genderbend the main character of such a classic (and you can guarantee most of those people will be men) but actually this is an adaptation which really, truly suits a female lead.

Upon writing Frankenstein, 18 year old Mary Shelley basically created the genre that is modern day Science Fiction, and yet today it's a predominantly male orientated genre. My hope is that this series breathes life back into the roots of Sci-Fi, and encourages women everywhere to feel welcome in the genre.

All hail Mary Shelley: the mother of Sci-Fi and all-round bad-ass!

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