Monday, 6 January 2014

My 2014 Writing Plan!

Unlike previous years I have something of a writing plan for 2014. This is pretty unusual for me because I have a very good track record of planning to do things and then not doing them because something always ends up going wrong.

I don't know for certain this year is going to be any different, but I feel like it will. As I've mentioned in previous posts I'm currently a Creative Writing student, which means I basically have until September to write as much as I like. I can't take that kind of time for granted, not when there are people out there who work full time jobs and still write more than I do.

My plan isn't a specific, day by day rota by any means, instead it's a list of six things I'd like to complete in 2014:

  1. Finish writing Bloodroot and Bracken - This is a simple enough aim. I'm currently working on a historical/paranormal novel that I want to finish (and will finish) this year.
  2. Plan and (maybe) start writing the sequel - Again, simple enough. I have a sequel planned for Bloodroot and Bracken that I'd like to plan and perhaps start writing this year if I can, even if it isn't until the end of the year.
  3. Plan a fantasy/post-apocalyptic novel - Last year I stayed up all night writing a scene that was in the middle of something, I just didn't know what that something was. I let it stew and then near the end of last year I had a story for the two characters who'd popped out of nowhere. I'd love to plan it this year, and perhaps even start writing it if the year goes well!
  4. Plan and write a fantasy children's story - When I was ten I wrote a short story at school that involved unicorns and I was very proud of it, I'm proud of it now even though if I still had it I'm sure it'd be bloody awful to read. I can still remember the story, and I'd love to turn it into a children's story - maybe a novella!
  5. Write a sci-fi short story - You wouldn't think writing a short story would be such a big deal, but sci-fi is a genre I have no experience with whatsoever. I've never really written it before and I've never read much of it either, but I've had this particular idea bouncing around my head since my first year of university. I've wanted to write it for so long but I'm always afraid of hardcore sci-fi fans pointing out everything that might be wrong with it, so this year I'm going to stop being so frightened of angry criticism and just write it.
  6. Write a collection of poetry - I'd never call myself a poet by any means, but one of the poems I am most proud of writing is a poem I wrote about InĂªs de Castro; a woman who became the Queen of Portugal after she died. Since then I've found that I most enjoy writing poetry when I write it about women in history - I guess it's just the nerd in me exploding from brimming under the surface. My aim this year is to write a collection of poetry based around various women in history from all over the world. It should be a lot of fun!
Those are my writing aims for 2014! It looks like it'll be a busy year, but I'd rather be busy than have nothing  to do!

I suppose I'd better get started...

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