Sunday, 30 April 2017

Fandom Mashup | Material Girl

Fandom Mashup is an original featured created and hosted by the lovely Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews. Each week she proposes a unique fictional scenario and then invites you to build a dream team of five fictional characters from five different fandoms to help you to complete the task. Make sure you check out Micheline's blog for more info!

This week we've gained the means to acquire any magical items you desire! YES!  Pick 5 magical items from 5 different magical worlds as your top picks.

It actually took me a while to think of a list of five, and Micheline's list is great, but thankfully I managed to get there in the end...

I have to still one of Micheline's answers first, there's no way I couldn't have my very own wand. On Pottermore my wand's core is unicorn hair, which I think is especially fitting for me!

I currently live near the coast, so being able to control the whole sea? Yes please. Gimme that trident. Also being a mermaid sounds like it could be fun; I'd love to go searching for some sunken treasure.

I was always more of a Bedknobs and Broomsticks fan than a Mary Poppins fan, and I'd love to have Eglantine Price's bed. It's basically a more comfortable broomstick that will take you literally anywhere you want to go, even inside a book. Being able to travel anywhere, and on a bed too, is basically my dream.

So if you've been following my blog for a while you'll know Silvia Moreno-Garcia's Signal to Noise is one of my favourite novels. It's set in Mexico City in the '80s, where 15 year old Meche learns to cast spells using her vinyl records - I want a magic vinyl record, too!

Swords and whatnot are cool and all, but I always loved Susan Pevensie's horn in The Chronicles of Narnia. Just give it a blow and aid will come - sounds pretty useful!

Which items would you choose?


  1. It's impossible NOT to want a wand if you're a Potterhead right? On Pottermore, my core is Phoenix tailfeather ♥ I'd LOVE to have a Trident to control the sea with! I've lived off the coast my entire life so I can't believe I didn't think of that LOL! Good one! Susan's Horn is another brilliant choice :) Thanks for joining up this week :D

    1. Thanks Micheline! ^_^ Phoenix tailfeather is another good one - your wand must be fire-proof, right?