Friday, 21 June 2013

Reading Slumps Suck!

As someone who loves to both read and write, a reading slump is just as irritating to me as writer's block and this this time around is no different. I was hoping to read a rather large pile of books this month, but it's now the 21st and I've only read a measly three. Three! Pathetic.
     Right now it's a mixture of laziness, tiredness, and an inability to concentrate on one book that's got me in a reading slump. Technically I'm currently read three books, but I haven't touched any of them for quite a while now; one of the books I was - and am still - really eager to read is Moira Young's Rebel Heart, the sequel to the amazing Blood Red Road, but for whatever reason I just can't get into it. I think it has something to do with the the Delirium trilogy which I finished at the beginning of this month. Lauren Oliver's Delirium is stunning, but I found both the second and third books in the trilogy incredibly disappointing in comparison. Now it's like I'm just not in the mood to read any further in a series in case I read another sequel which I don't enjoy as much as the first book. Silly, I know, but I just can't bring myself to get into it and it's so frustrating - I really want to read it!
     Weirdly, I think another problem I'm facing right now is not having the money to buy so many amazing books that I'm coming across on Goodreads. Again this is ridiculous because I already have plenty of books to read, but there's something about being unable to buy a shiny new one which puts me in a bad reading mood. Thankfully I did manage to buy myself a cheap copy of Maria V. Snyder's Touch of Power earlier this week, so I'm hoping I might get back into reading when that arrives. I've never read any Snyder and I'm really eager to because I've heard only good things about her, not to mention I feel like I haven't read any fantasty in aaaages, so maybe a change in genre will be good for my reading habits.
     On top of that it's also my very last week of uni next week. Ever. Well not quite ever because I am pursuing postgraduate study in October, but it's my last week with all my undergraduate friends and I think there's something about that which is scaring me away from reading. It's like I'm scared of missing something in the real world if I get lost in an imaginary one; I need to make the most of this last week.
     Ultimately I'm still ahead on my book challenge on Goodreads, so that's a plus at least.
     So this is a pretty crappy blog update, but hopefully I'll have something more interesting on here soon. Until then, thanks for reading! J.

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